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IGNOU Bachelor of Arts English (Honours) (BAEGH) Assignments

IGNOU Bachelor of Arts English (Honours) (BAEGH) Assignments

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IGNOU Bachelor of Arts English (Honours) (BAEGH) Assignments:

Semester I

BEGC-101, BEGC-102, BEVAE-181, BSOG-171, BPCG-171, BPYG-171, BPAG-171, BABG-171, ONR-03

Semester II

BEGC-103, BEGC-104, BEGAE-182, BGDG-172, BPCG-172, BPAG-172, BPYG-172

Semester III

BEGC-105, BEGC-106, BEGC-107, BANS-183, BPCS-183, BPCS-185, BHDS-183, BEGS-183, BEGS-185, BPCS-187, BCHS-183, BCOS-183, BSSS-183, BSOG-173, BPCG-173, BPAG-173

Semester IV

BEGC-108, BEGC-109, BEGC-110, BPAS-184, BANS-184, BECS-184, BPCS-184, BPCS-186, BHDS-184, BSOS-184, BEGS-186, BPCS-188, BFDI-073, BFLS-183, BSLS-183, ONR-002, BPCG-174, BPCG-176, BPAG-174

Semester V

BEGC-111, BEGC-112, BEGE-141, BEGE-143

Semester VI

BEGC-113, BEGC-114, BEGE-142, BEGE-144

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