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IGNOU PGDAST 2024 Solved Assignment-Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics (MST, MSTE)

IGNOU PGDAST 2024 Solved Assignment-Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics (MST, MSTE)

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Focus on Key Subjects:

Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics (PGDAST) - School of Sciences (SOS)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics (PGDAST) at IGNOU is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills necessary for statistical applications in various fields such as rural and urban planning, data monitoring, natural resources management, industrial and business problem-solving, and social and agricultural development. Key objectives of the program include:

  • Providing core knowledge required for statistical applications
  • Acquainting learners with the use of statistics in applied sciences and industries
  • Offering computer-based exercises in selected areas of statistics
  • Equipping learners with skills for using appropriate statistical techniques in various fields

Programme Details:

  • Compulsory Core Courses:

    • MST-001: Foundation in Mathematics and Statistics (4 Credits)
    • MST-002: Descriptive Statistics (4 Credits)
    • MST-003: Probability Theory (4 Credits)
    • MST-004: Statistical Inference (4 Credits)
    • MST-005: Statistical Techniques (4 Credits)
    • MSTL-001: Basic Statistics Lab (2 Credits)
  • Courses for Industrial Statistics Specialization (Electives to be taken together):

    • MSTE-001: Industrial Statistics-I (4 Credits)
    • MSTE-002: Industrial Statistics-II (4 Credits)
    • MSTL-002: Industrial Statistics Lab (2 Credits)
  • Courses for Biostatistics Specialization (Electives to be taken together):

    • MSTE-003: Biostatistics-I (4 Credits)
    • MSTE-004: Biostatistics-II (4 Credits)
    • MSTL-003: Biostatistics Lab (2 Credits)

Total Credits: 42

Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline
Medium of Instruction: English

This program is ideal for working professionals and graduates aspiring for employment in industries such as software and pharmaceutical industries, National Laboratories, R&D Organisations, and Academic Institutions.

At, we support students enrolled in PGDAST with tailored resources that enhance their understanding and performance in these courses. Whether you need help with assignments, preparing for exams, or understanding complex statistical techniques, our materials are designed to help you excel.

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