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IGNOU Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA_NEW) Assignments

IGNOU Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA_NEW) Assignments

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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA_NEW) at IGNOU

Overview: The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA_NEW) program offered by the School of Computer & Information Sciences (SOCIS) at IGNOU is designed to open a gateway for students with 10+2 qualifications who aspire to pursue a career in computing and IT. This program not only provides a solid foundation in computer science but also prepares students for advanced studies, such as the MCA_NEW at IGNOU or other master’s programs. Graduates of the BCA_NEW program are well-equipped to secure entry-level positions in the IT and ITES sectors.


  • Completion of 10+2 or its equivalent
  • OR a pass in Diploma in Commercial Practice or equivalent

Medium of Instruction:

  • English

Programme Details:

I Semester:

  1. BEVAE-181: Environmental Studies (4 credits)
  2. BEGLA-136: English at Work Place (6 credits)
  3. BCS-011: Computer Basics and PC Software (4 credits)
  4. BCSL-013: Computer Basics and PC Software Lab (2 credits) - 60 hours
  5. BCS-012: Basic Mathematics (4 credits)

II Semester:

  1. FEG-02: Foundation Course in English-2 (4 credits)
  2. MCS-202: Computer Organisation (4 credits)
  3. MCS-203: Operating Systems (4 credits)
  4. MCSL-204: WINDOWS and LINUX Lab (2 credits) - 60 hours
  5. MCS-201: Programming in C and Python (4 credits)
  6. MCSL-205: C and Python Lab (2 credits) - 60 hours

III Semester:

  1. MCS-208: Data Structures and Algorithms (4 credits)
  2. MCSL-209: Data Structures and Algorithms Lab (2 credits) - 60 hours
  3. MCS-207: Database Management Systems (4 credits)
  4. BCS-031: Programming in C++ (4 credits)
  5. BCSL-135: DBMS and C++ Lab (2 credits) - 60 hours
  6. BCS-040: Statistical Techniques (4 credits)

IV Semester:

  1. MCS-206: Object Oriented Programming using Java (4 credits)
  2. BCL-146: Object Oriented Programming using Java Lab (2 credits) - 60 hours
  3. BCS-053: Web Programming (2 credits)
  4. BCSL-147: Web Programming Lab (2 credits) - 60 hours
  5. BCS-041: Fundamentals of Computer Networks (4 credits)
  6. BCOC-131: Financial Accounting (6 credits)

V Semester:

  1. BCS-051: Introduction to Software Engineering (4 credits)
  2. BCS-042: Introduction to Algorithm Design (2 credits)
  3. BCSL-159: Introduction to Algorithm Design Lab (2 credits)
  4. BCOS-184: E-Commerce (4 credits)
  5. MSEI-023: Cyber Security (4 credits)
  6. BECS-184: Data Analysis (4 credits)

VI Semester:

  1. BCOS-185: Entrepreneurship (4 credits)

Total Credits:

  • 120 credits

Why Choose BCA_NEW at IGNOU?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers essential areas in computer science, from programming and data structures to web programming and cybersecurity.
  • Flexible Learning: Designed to accommodate the needs of working students, with semester-wise examinations and practical labs.
  • Career Opportunities: Prepares students for entry-level positions in IT and ITES sectors and provides a pathway to further education.
  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from experts in the field with years of academic and industry experience.

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